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TKC 586 Kurt Beidler

Director, Kids and Family at Amazon

Interview starts at 13:20 and ends at 40:57


Amazon Go store locations

“Report of Amazon Go Coming to Airports Is a Sign of Far Greater Change to Come” by Chris Walton at Forbes - October 10, 2-019

Amazon’s Leadership Principles

Kindle Kids Edition

Rick Riordan author’s page at

Primed Podcast from KUOW in Seattle

Land of the Giants podcast from Vox

“Introducing the News app on Fire TV” by Puneet Puri at the Fire TV blog - October 22, 2019

The Daily Recount

Instagram photos of our Yorkie Claire, RIP

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This episode is dedicated to the memory of our Yorkie Claire, peacefully departed from this world here in Maine yesterday. 

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 2019-10-26  52m