After Eight Show - New Music You Just Don't Hear Anywhere Else!

We play anything (RnB, blues, jazz, folk, rock, etc.) that we think is above good and that you just don't get to hear anywhere else. Latest playlists include Art School Girlfriend, Loma, Tuvaband ...


After Eight Show - 22/10/19

We had container ships full of #NewMusic in our playlist this week! An eclectic mix of original, intelligent, melodic, grown-up songs - #electronic, #rnb, #jazz, #blues and #acoustic. And mostly from artists who you have not heard of - yet! Amongst our selections, there was #NewMusic from Breathe., bongeziwe mabandla, Caroline Polachek, SK Shlomo, Oh He Dead, Akemi Fox, Maranta, Tuvaband, Rose Gray, Peter & Kerry, Benny Braun, RISE, Marrius, backinhumanform, Leif Erikson, Red Dust, Oklou and Megan O'Neill. Our Luvva Cover feature was one of our favourite versions that we have done in 5 years of this feature. It is by Joan As Police Woman and she has covered one of Prince's most iconic songs. New music that you just don't hear anywhere else! Playlist: Haze – breathe. Ndibuyile – Bongeziwe Mabandla Door – Caroline Polachek Invisible – SK Shlomo The Situation – Oh He Dead Time – Akemi Fox Radiate – Maranta He Said To Me Too – Tuvaband good life – Rose Gray They Know God (But I Know You) – Peter and Kerry Kiss – Prince Kiss – Joan As Police Woman (Luvva Cover feature) Sunrays, Revealing (Reflection) – Benny Braun The Old Sewing Woman’s Song – RISE Back To Strangers – MaRRius Hundreds - backinhumanform Night Bus – Leif Erikson Back On The Wild Side – Red Dust They Can’t Hear Me - Oklou Let’s Make One Up – Megan O’Neill


 2019-10-26  2h0m