Every Day

Every other month, SYFY WIRE will be tackling a new subject for it's EVERY DAY series. Starting in October, host Dany Roth will talk with a new guest every day about a different horror movie for EVERY DAY HORROR. So if you're a glutton for horror or are prone to nightmares, take a chance on us as we indulge in some of the best, the worst, and the scariest horror films ever made.



episode 10: Insidious

In 1982, Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg perfected the scary-yet-family-friendly haunted house story. Mostly. That movie is Poltergeist and it didn't find a true 21st century equivalent until James Wan directed another movie featuring a haunted child: Insidious. Hosts of the Question Box podcast, Brent Black and Kate Sloane join host, Dany Roth, to ask all the questions you didn't know a red-faced demon and a creepy old lady ghost needed to answer.


 2019-10-28  39m