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How To Be More Masculine And Improve Your Sex Life, Love Life, And Relationships – Dr. John Gray (Ep. 247)

Dr. John Gray, author of one of the most well-known and respected relationship books of all time Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode John comes back on and talks about the status of men’s health and relationships and how it’s radically changed over just the past few years. He also talks about meditation, sex, love, and conflict management in relationships, at length. We cover a lot in this episode including hormones, masculinity, femininity, the changing of male and female roles, porn, addiction, and so much more. If you’re wondering how to improve your sex and love life, as well your relationships, check this episode out now!  

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In our episode we go over:

  • Why Dr. John Gray wrote his latest book Beyond Mars and Venus
  • The fact that women have become too testosterone heavy and men have become too estrogen heavy over the past few years
  • Whether feminism is a good thing and whether or not it’s good for male-female relationships and marriage
  • Finding a balance in your life between masculinity and femininity
  • How toxins directly affect the hormones in women and men, especially in their brains
  • The fact that our foods are loaded with hormones, especially ones like estrogen and how this affects the body
  • Why your testosterone levels drop after sex and why boxers shouldn’t have sex the night before their fight
  • Tapping into different dimensions during meditation and the power of this
  • Changing your awareness on who you really are and your presence in the universe
  • How Dr. Gray meditates and why his meditation is so powerful
  • The faces that John sees once in a while during his meditations
  • How to meditate to open up your heart and to truly focus on what it is you want
  • The live meditation Dr. Gray does with Justin on the show
  • Boosting your energy throughout the day, from good energy to bad energy
  • The Fire Yogi of India and whether or not his fire lying was legit
  • What a true soulmate actually is and how to know if you have found your soulmate
  • Why men can’t make women happy and what they need to focus on instead
  • How to deal with conflict in relationships, especially when you as a man are upset
  • The fact that conditioned behavior is passed on from many, many generations ago unto you
  • How to be more masculine as a man and how to be more masculine in the bedroom
  • Why you might want to consider practicing semen retention during sex
  • Whether or not men should watch porn and how often they should be ejaculating each week
  • The power of men’s groups and why this is such a good idea for most men to join
  • Why you need to focus on your own happiness first

Check out Dr. John on:

Website: marsvenus.com

Book: amazon.com/beyond-mars-and-venus

Facebook: facebook.com/Mars.Venus.John.Gray


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 2019-10-29  1h47m