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Lynette M. Sholl, MD - A Pan-Cancer, Pan-Biomarker Exploration of the Opportunities to Realize the Potential of Precision Immuno-Oncology: Are Pathology Professionals Ready for the Challenge?

Go online to to view the activity, download slides and practice aids, and complete the post-test to earn credit. Cancer immunotherapies are demonstrating remarkable clinical activity in an increasing number of malignancies, and as the immunotherapy arsenal has continued to expand, it has become clear that reliable biomarkers are needed to guide clinical decisions regarding treatment selection and identification of patients who are most likely to benefit from specific agents or immune-based combinations. A number of proven and putative biomarkers have been and continue to be evaluated, including PD-L1 expression, MSI/MMR, TMB, and others. Testing for these biomarkers has significant implications for clinical practice. This activity provides participating professionals with updates on current and emerging immunotherapies and biomarkers as well as practical guidance for immuno-oncology biomarker testing in pathology practice. Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to: Describe the mechanistic underpinnings and current evidence supporting the use of current and emerging cancer immunotherapies, including single-agent and combination approaches, across a spectrum of different malignancies, including thoracic, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, dermatologic, and other cancers, Evaluate the rationale for use and current/emerging roles of established and new cancer immunotherapy biomarkers (including PD-L1, MSI/MMR, TMB, LAG-3, and composite biomarkers) as predictors of benefit from cancer immunotherapies to guide precision treatment decisions, Discuss the practical aspects of immunotherapy biomarker testing and interpretation, including benefits/limitations of different testing methodologies/platforms/assays, cut-points, and other nuances, Establish best practices for cancer immunotherapy biomarker testing in community and academic settings based on the latest evidence and recommendations, Implement effective strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination among pathologists, oncologists, and other key professionals regarding cancer biomarker testing and interpretation of results to guide clinical decisions in the precision immuno-oncology era


 2019-11-08  1h17m