Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are here to guide you through the bewildering pursuit of adulthood.


60. Creativity

Some say the creative adult is the child who survived. Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are joined by performance artist Travis Alabanza to discuss what it means to be creative and how we can be better at it. Sophie reveals how working on a lesbian cruise inspired her, Heidi investigates how changing routine can turbo-charge the brain, Ned perfects Shakespeare and Steve Ali offers his perspective on writer's block. Co-created by Deborah Frances-White for The Spontaneity Shop and BBC Radio 4. Produced by Al Riddell. Music by Mark Hodge and Omahrose, produced by Nick Sheldon. Clips: Bringing Up Britain (07/08/2018)


 2019-11-14  53m