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episode 745: Highly Illegal - and Very Affordable

This Week's Stories

  • Apple's November Surprise: 16-Inch Macbook Pro brings back the scissor-switch keyboard and physical ESC key
  • Surface Book 3 Rumors, Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X Reviews
  • Microsoft's Project xCloud launches in early 2020 as the odds-on favorite to dominate game streaming
  • Google Stadia launches tomorrow as a failure
  • Goldman Sachs re-evaluating Apple Card credit limits after sexism accusations
  • Google will offer checking accounts to anyone who wants Google to know absolutely everything they pay money for.
  • Google's secret "Nightingale" health-care project and Fitbit purchase: Google wants to own your health data
  • Apple's Research App: do we trust Apple with our health data more than Google?
  • Disney+, Apple+, Peacock TV, etc - when will the streaming bubble burst?
  • YouTube creators: are you a kids' channel or an adult channel?
  • Is YouTube fracturing the world? Should we go back to all reading the same newspaper?
  • Apple kicks vaping apps out of the App Store, Canadian pot stocks crash - legal marijuana's bad week
  • Minecraft Earth launches in the US - the perfect demo for Azure Anchors
  • Hololens is still the future
  • So is the Oculus Quest
  • Are Apple Glasses?
  • British Labor Party offers free broadband - could this work in the US?
  • AI can tell if you are going to die - doctors baffled

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Daniel Rubino, Brian McCullough, and Brianna Wu

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 2019-11-18  2h11m