The Steve Austin Show

Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to Got questions?


Michael "P. S." Hayes - SAS CLASSIC

Freebird and WWE Hall of Famer, Michael "P. S." Hayes aka Dok Hendrix sits down with Steve over WrestleMania XXX weekend to talk about his career, from Mid-South to Georgia, AWA, NWA and eventually WWE. Michael recalls the epic Freebird/Von Erichs feud, why he retired from in-ring competition in his early 30s, his uncanny promo ability, playing the heel, bringing rock 'n' roll and wrestling together and much more!

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 2019-12-05  1h11m