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Listen to highlights of Dave Gilyeat and his team of new music aficionados as they deliver all the best Oxfordshire bands you've never heard before.


PODCAST: Tracks of the Year 2019

This week on the podcast, its become a tradition - Dave plays the Tracks of the Year 2019 - as voted for by Nightshift Music Magazine! Featuring: TIGER MENDOZA featuring KATY HERRIDGE - Find You THE DEADBEAT APOSTLES - Muddy Creek MEANS OF PRODUCTION – Recogniser MAX BLANSJAAR - The Shame I Wear JACK GOLDSTEIN – Dungeness THEO - Morning Glory CATGOD – Blood MSRY - Still Breaks My Heart GHOSTS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS - Taylor Mountain Memorial KNOBBLEHEAD - Aeroplane Membrane MOOGIEMAN & THE MASOCHISTS - Ghost Driver CASSELS - The Queue at the Chemists CAMERON A.G. - One By One EASTER ISLAND STATUES - Skeleton Quay JULIA MEIJER - Train Ticket LOW ISLAND - Long Answer DESPICABLE ZEE - Counting Cars PANDAPOPALYPSE - Glitter & Gems DEATH OF THE MAIDEN - A Pair of Blue Eyes CANDY SAYS - Beautiful Feeling


 2019-12-28  1h28m