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episode 102: The NotACast 2019 Holiday Special Episode: "The Stone is Strong: A Tour of Winterfell!" ft. Special Guest Joe Buckley!

Hi everyone and happy holidays this year! Today, we're releasing our holiday special episode all about Winterfell, its history, its architecture, its future and what the castle means And we were thrilled to be joined by Joe Buckley, author of the book The Great Castles of Westeros: An Unofficial Guide as well as the host of the Isle of Faces podcast!    Thanks for listening and blessing us in our sophomore year of podcasting! Much love to each and every one of you!   Buy Joe's book!   Joe's blog:   Joe's Podcast:   Joe's Twitter:   Our Patreon:    Our twitter:   Our facebook:   Our youtube page:…iew_as=subscriber   Emmett's twitter:   Jeff's twitter:


 2019-12-30  1h51m