Cosmic Crit: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast

Cosmic Crit is a weekly Actual Play podcast centered on the new Starfinder RPG from Paizo. Listen to the shenanigans as a seasoned GM, a couple of noobs, and some RPG veterans explore the galaxy and fight monsters on behalf of the Starfinder Society. It's a little roleplay, a lot of natural 20s (we hope), and plenty of fun.


S1.5 | Drift Rider Special #2: Drift Rock Lobster

The Drift Rider Crew Returns! Thanks to our amazing Patreon patrons, we started a homebrew campaign that takes place after season 1’s campaign of Dead Suns. We revive our beloved season 1 characters — Alyndra, ANDIS-147, Rami, Gnak, and Edrass — to go looking for trouble in the cosmos. In this episode, the Drift Rider crew explores the Drift Rock (again), and — sure enough — they find trouble is afoot. This episode was released to Patreon subscribers in June 2019. To listen to more of season 1.5 and get the episodes as soon as they’re released, become a patron! But wait! There’s more…

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 2020-01-08  1h35m