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Behold planToons! We love our Walt Disney World vacations almost as much as the fun we have planning them. We record our planning sessions, find the amusing bits and "animate" them your your enjoyment. Visit us at www.plantoons.com or on YouTube at youtube.com/wdwplantoons



Old People VS. The My Disney Experience App: Beware Old People booking Disney World Vacations

Welcome to planToons! If you wanna see a husband and wife make snarky cartoons about Disney World, this is where you go. WDW planToons 69: OLDS VS. APP We are back and dealing with our old parents trying to use an the My Disney Experience APP. It isn't Pretty Discover planToons: We love our Walt Disney World vacations almost as much as we enjoy planning them. We started to record the planning sessions and the "animate" the fun parts for your enjoyment. Visit our website at www.plantoons.com for more. See the rest of the Cartoons at YouTube.com/WDWplanToons Subscribe to WDWplanToons on iTunes Follow on Twitter @WDWplanToons Category Travel & Events Category Travel & Events


 2020-01-21  4m