The Offside Rule

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An Ibiza Special

Kait Borsay is joined this week for a club classic podcast by Ali Bender and Frida Fagerlund to discuss the Big 6, Barcelona's trip to Ibiza, and come up with our own club manifestos.

  • Topic 1 - Two Can Play At That Game - In this unpredictable seaosn, well everyone after Liverpool, who are the new big 6? Who’s out and who’s in? (06.20)
  • Topic 2 - We're Going To Ibiza - As Barcelona went to Ibiza, we want to celebrate some of our best journeys or locations all in the good name of football (17.50)
  • Topic 3 -  Freed From Desire - There's a football team called Flat Earth FC - is the first football club whose followers are united, not buy location -  but by an idea. So we are coming up with our own football clubs (28.20)
  • AOB - Drawn football XIs, James Norwood, and man catching beer (35.00)


 2020-01-24  41m