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episode 4: The Slum-GOD

In today's episode, we are in conversation with Sunil who is one of the co-founders of a Hip-Hop movement and travel company in a very peculiar place. In India's largest and most densely populated area of Mumbai, the Slum of Dharavi made popular by the Movie, Slumdog Millionaire. We discussed how a few practice dance sessions became a platform to train the kids of Dharavi and make them share a stage with the great A R Rahman. It was this dance school that was named Slumgods and branched into a travel company that takes people into the heart of the Dharavi Slum. You can follow Slumgods on Facebook here - and If you liked what you heard, please like, comment and share. You can read more about Passionate People on our Medium Publication -


 2017-02-16  31m