5 Song Set

5 Song Set is a monthly music podcast exactly five songs long. It features eclectic and generally upbeat music from around the world. Each episode usually has a theme which ties the songs together. In one episode, you'll hear punk music from Poland, another episode will have a capella from Israel, and another will have folk from Argentina. 5 Song Set is a great place to find out about new music or older songs that you might have missed.



Episode 150: African-American Big Band Leaders

In this episode, we're going to hear five African American big band leaders. They are some of the top names in big bands, like Duke Ellington and Count Basie. I hope you enjoy them! The songs are "Harlemania" by Duke Ellington's Orchestra, "Miss Brown To You" by Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra (with Billie Holiday), "G. T. Stomp" by Earl Hines and his Orchestra, "Basie Boogie" by Count Basie and his Orchestra, and "Let It Roll" by Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra.


 2020-02-02  23m