Round Springfield

Round Springfield is a Simpsons-adjacent podcast hosted by Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott where they interview writers, directors, showrunners, and voice-actors from the Simpsons-verse on their various paths to Springfield, failed pilots, other projects, and beyond. In this 20-episode limited series, you'll hear David X. Cohen talk Futurama, Josh Weinstein talk Mission Hill, and Yeardley Smith dig deep into her diverse path of becoming Lisa Simpson.


Tim Long

We're thrilled to share our conversation with writer Tim Long! We'll talk at length about the feature film he wrote called The Exchange, which is currently in post production. He'll briefly discuss the time he had to explain The Simpsons to basketball player Yao Ming, and convinced him to participate in the episode Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass. Talking about The Simpsons in therapy when your therapist doesn't watch The Simpsons. He'll also share a story about the first time he was freelancing for David Letterman.


 2020-02-03  1h6m