The Offside Rule

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There's no football culture without vinegar

Kait Borsay, Lynsey Hooper, and Robyn Cowen are here to talk you through the latest January transfer window, build their dream stadiums - jet packs are involved, and welcome to the show Emily Elias from Desert Island Dips to tell us how condiments and football come together.


  • Topic 1 - So(rr)y you couldn't leave - The transfer window slammed shut last week (other cliches are available), and not everyone got what they wanted out of it, like Olivier Giroud. So we discuss those big moves that never quite transpired... (05.50)
  • Topic 2 - You peanut butter build me a stadium - As David Beckham builds his Inter Miami home, this has inspired us to come up with the vital facilities we would put in our own self made stadia (16.00)
  • Topic 3 -  Desert Island Dips - Emily Elias from Desert Island Dips tells us all about the way football and dips are related (23.40)
  • AOB - Windmills, James Milner, and baptisms (34.50)


 2020-02-07  42m