Exploring digital spheres

Come with us on a journey into the realms of the digital: In the podcast Exploring digital spheres you will get to know HIIG researchers from diverse disciplines. We ask them, how our digital society works and what the future might look like. Every other episode, the researchers will enter into a dialogue with other digital mavericks!



episode 27: Digital Momentum

Lorenz Grünewald-Schukalla on the music industry in the digital age

How do you build Digital Monumentum? How do you stay visible? As the music industry is changing, big music labels are reinventing their branding strategy. This podcast explores the resulting consequences in terms of power-relations and digital flows.

Lorenz Grünewald-Schukalla is a project manager in the project team Third Engagement Report, where he deals with questions of civic engagement in the digital world. Besides that he is researching the digital mediatization of music business and music culture. Therefore his Ph.D. project is about the changing relations of consumer brands and music from a media and communications perspective. He is managing director of the German Association for Music Business and Music Culture Research, publishes articles about memes or curates the music related track at re:publica.


 2020-03-09  22m