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210: Why And How I’m Self Quarantining For Coronavirus

In “Behind The Porn Scenes” Podcast Episode 210 you will hear:

  • Why I feel SO right and justified after being crazy corona lady
  • People wrapping themselves in toilet paper to protect themselves
  • Which place is closed at least 2 weeks that has NEVER done that!!
  • What finally made B start taking coronavirus seriously…
  • Recap of my recent naughty XXX porn videos with behind the scenes stories!!
  • What great new thing I started to keep me busy during self quarantine!!
  • How I’m hoping to keep Simba OUT of my garden this time!!
  • Which device on the farm I broke last week!!
  • What B wants to eat if we run out of food that I say NOOOOO!!
  • Why I love the lactating videos and B cringes at my lactation!!
  • Which video had some great bloopers!!
  • All the reasons I don’t like going without panties in public!!
  • Me soaking in B saying I was right and he was wrong!!
  • What you should be doing to prepare and protect!!
  • Where to see my fave pic of the week in the outfit that made me feel sexy even with anxiety

The video versions of the podcasts always get posted the week after, so you can listen to today’s podcast right now of course then go back and watch the video version of last week’s HERE.

And here is the pic we mentioned in the podcast


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 2020-03-15  20m