Chasing Kangaroos - For international rugby league fans

What is up Kangaroos Chasers? Welcome to the podcast for international rugby league fans! Listen in each week as Michael Carbone and "The Biggest Tiger" are joined by guests from international rugby league and developing nations. This is your place for the latest news and results from the nations you did not even know played the greatest game of all.


episode 54: 54. A social distanced ménage à trois

This week on Chasing Kangaroos - An International Rugby League Podcast: Episode 54 - A social distanced ménage à trois Two of our favourite podcast hosts join us for an international rugby league podcast three-way! Mr Rugby League in America, Nate Gladdin and one half of the Howlin’ Hour, Gareth Reid are here to celebrate recent announcements from the Ottawa Aces and New York Rugby League. Plus Carbs and Big T have their own special announcements for our listeners, they discuss the COVID-19 effect on the NRL and Super League, and bring the show home with another round of “Golden Points”. Will Big T finally beat Carbs? --- Thanks to our partners; Mascord Brownz. Listen in for your new exclusive and discount code. And Sports Flick. Head to and use the code “chasingkangaroos” for a massive 75% off the first 3 months of your subscription. --- Chasing Kangaroos is mixed and recorded by Paul Murchison. Please leave a review if you enjoy the show.


 2020-03-17  1h36m