Queertronica Podcast

Hamburg´s finest queertronic DJ and Founder, head and the heart of "Le Salon Queertronique". Saeleen Bouvar is the herstory of three decades of electronic queer club culture. She debuted in 1998 as an IDM DJ of the upcoming "queer" scene of Hamburg, which led her to electroclash. After a long period of silence and transitioning, Saeleen Bouvar rose to serve and to show all of her musical skills and knowledge with the new technologies of digital DJing. She soon created "Le Salon Queertronique", a queer party project, an odyssey through queer club culture highlighting the skills and talents of TransDJs. Saeleen’s unique style of mixing and transitioning from one piece to another shows her deep understanding of composition and harmonies. She uses the tracks in her genre breaking sets to tell stories of sex, identity, love, struggle and the will to live. After her gigs at the Fusion Festival 2019, in Athens, in Bale and at the Queer Bcademy in Kampnagel, Saeleen is setting sail to new horizons. For further informations and bookings, please write to: saeleenbouvar@gmail...



Bcademical FRONT Homage

My dearest listeners, after many inquiries to post my set of the Queer Bcademy at the Kampnagel, here it is! It is an hommage to the old FRONT Club in Hamburg. It was the most influencial gay club in the 80s when it brought the Chicago and Acid House to Germany. I was too young to actually party at the FRONT, but I was willing to give it a try recreating what I would play at a party. This re-mixed set is the first hour of my actual hommage to the FRONT at the Queer Bcademy. Have fun with it in the quarantine and stay safe my loves, This time I won´t write any tracklists, please be so kind and like it, share it or comment it for furthermore informations. Much love, Saeleen


 2020-03-18  1h10m