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Orichalcum Chef - Playtest 2 - Battle Blood Orange

Greg tests out some PVP rules for Orichalcum Chef! Team Orc Dad vs Team Gargoyles in Battle Blood Orange! Surely these competitors can handle some foul living orange to craft some wonderful dishes for the judges...

Greg - GM

Team Orc Dad

Adam: 'el Hefe' Hefeweizen - Chef de Cuisine - The Living Legend Forging A New Destiny. The leader of the bunch, el Hefe is a former champion who sought a new life and found family and adoptive children in the process.

Laura: Stout - Sous Chef - Someone Has To Manage This Household. el Hefe's first husband and the one who wrangles the kids... and the husbands.

Team Gargoyles

Ben: Quartzite - Butcher - Every Day Is A New Adventure. A battle hardened gargoyle, Quartzite is the devious muscle to this crew.

Chris: Rhoylite - Chef de Cuisine - Guardian of Knowledge. A Gargoyle originally created to protect the Library of Culinary Knowledge, Rhoylite desired to learn as much as she could about cooking. Taking what she's learned, she, her husband, daughter, and friends have formed a fusion cuisine truck business, BC Stone Age Taco Cart & Delights, and are using the competition to bring glory to their business.


 2020-03-25  2h16m