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episode 229: Not Business as Usual in the (Already) Remote World

To counterpoint the wave of content to support people new to working from home, here at Virtual Not Distant we wanted to take time to reflect on the current state of knowledge work in the age of corona and the way things have changed already, and might continue to change in the future.

(If you are new to this and looking for support in suddenly working from home, then we’d advise you to check out this short bonus episode in the first instance, as well as episode 60 of My Pocket Psych podcast. And contact us if we can help with anything specific to keep you going).

While we’ll always advocate for working from home as an option in the mix, the world is short on options right now. Even for Pilar, doing voiceover work in studios is presently on complete hiatus, and work is changing at Virtual Not Distant with a surge in requests from work with Spanish companies - not traditionally keen to embrace ‘teletrabajo’ (see episode 214 for more on this) who are now looking towards long-term shifts in how they collaborate for the future).

And today we talk in depth to 3 experts in remote work and long-term home-based working, all of whom will be familiar voices to regular listeners, and can help us think about the trends and shifts we’re identifying in the way we work together - wherever we are:

Marcus Wermuth from Buffer -  connect on Twitter and via his website.

Teresa Douglas, author and long-term remote employee - connection on Twitter and also her website.

Maya Middlemiss - regular show co-host and Virtual Not Distant associate, connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

You'll find full shownotes at https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/not-business-as-usual



 2020-04-02  57m