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episode 106: Shelly Hoover, "Timeless Sisters: Peace at the River"

Janene, Cora, and Amadahy live on the banks of the river in a small North Carolina town, but they live centuries apart. Janene, a modern-day high school teacher, loses her career and identity in the face of a devastating disease. Cora, an enslaved child during the Civil War, flees the Yarbrough plantation after her family is murdered and finds refuge at the home of a big-hearted woman. Amadahy, a Cherokee of the Wolf Clan in 1663, loses her child and husband, leaving her with a surviving child and a psychotic mother. A sacred, maternal talisman connects the three women as they search for lasting peace. It’s an emotional journey for these three women, who meet at the river.

U.S. Navy veteran Shelly Hoover is the author of Timeless Sisters: Peace at the River. She earned an Ed.D. in Education from Cal State, Sacramento and retired as a public-school administrator in 2013 after being diagnosed with ALS, a terminal motor neuron disease. But physical limitations have not stopped Shelly from educating and advocating. ALS has paralyzed her body, so she types with her eyes using a Microsoft surface tablet whose camera is able to follow her eyes. Despite her physical challenges, Shelly lives in gratitude and encourages other to do the same, regardless of circumstance. She is a mother of two, a grandmother of four, and lives with her husband, Steve, in the mountains of Northern California.

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 2020-04-08  25m