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They've Filled Our Lives with Laughter - Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner

Your host, Alan Alda, has been friends with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks for over forty years. Carl and Mel have been friends with each other for seventy years. During that time, they’ve created, together or separately, some of the most memorable comedy in our lives -- from iconic movies and TV series to Broadway shows and books.Their sketches on the Sid Caesar show in the 1950s will still leave you gasping on the floor. And so will their recording of the “2000 Year Old Man” that began as improvised entertainment at parties and never stopped. Mel and Carl aren’t as old yet as Mel’s character of the 2,000 Year Old Man, but the two of them together in this life-affirming episode are just as wise and just as funny. Sit back, relax, and get ready to join Mel, Carl, and Alan together from Carl’s house in Beverly Hills.

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 2020-04-14  45m