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#StayHomeDisco Baltimore Chop April 2020 Mix

Emerging Russian deep house producer Baltimore Chop is back on 5 Mag with an irresistible new mix for our #StayHomeDisco series. First, a correction: I wrote a year ago that despite the name, Baltimore Chop (like most Europeans) had probably never played baseball. He quickly corrected me: he is a huge fan and was even an accomplished player in the Under 16 field, and has the receipts to prove it. Baltimore Chop has released records on a bunch of labels that have been the tip of the spear of the emerging Russian scene, including Sub_Urban, his own PRGVSK as well as Minor Notes and Hustler Trax. His latest cut is You and The Sea, out April 3 on PRGVSK.


 2020-04-29  1h2m