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episode 283: Phil Tippett on animating Jurassic Park

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Dinosaur of the day Staurikosaurus, a small Triassic carnivore from what is now Brazil.

Interview with Phil Tippett, the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tippett Studio. He is a two-time Oscar and Emmy award winner for his visual effects work, for the movies Jurassic Park and Return of the Jedi and the documentary Dinosaur! and the TV film Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. His most recent project is the stop motion film Mad God.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new model shows the sauropod Spinophorosaurus likely held its head high off the ground.
  • The Don Harrington Discovery Center in Texas has two new animatronic dinosaurs and they’re asking for naming ideas.
  • Resident Evil 3 has a dinosaur mod that turns the zombies into T. rex.


 2020-04-30  49m