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episode 56: FOW056 – Lockdown experiences in Wuhan (with Rui Zhong) [EN]

  • Wuhan
  • Doctors Ai Fen and Li Wenliang
  • American journalists expelled
  • Caixin
  • Wilfred Chan on Twitter
  • Fang Fang’s diary
  • Reganmian cartoon as seen in our Fernostwärts Newsletter
  • The Paper
  • Sixth Tone
  • David Paulk on Twitter
  • Zhongnanhai
  • Articles by Rui Zhong
    • China and the U.S. blame each other for the coronavirus. But both countries made similar mistakes.
    • As Its Coronavirus Outbreak Abates, China Is Trying out a New Look. Is It Working?
    • Public Anger Over Coronavirus Is Mounting. Will It Matter?
    • Wuhan’s Virus and Quarantine Will Hit the Poor Hardest
  • Rui Zhong on Twitter
  • Fernostwärts Newsletter #18


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Photo: Panorama of Hankow and Wuchang by 射手座2017 under CC BY 2.0  via Wikimedia Commons

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 May 6, 2020  46m