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After 90 minutes of sheer hell

The Champions League season at the turn of the century was lit up by Batistuta’s Fiorentina, Mihajlovic’s Lazio and Flo’s Chelsea.

The whole thing was won by Redondo’s Real, who won the all-Spanish final against Valencia in Paris. But what really happened with Nicolas Anelka during his year in Madrid.

In the modern day, football is coming back! Rafa Honigstein brings developments from the Bundesliga, while Steve Price alerts us to kick-off in South Korea this weekend.

And in the last quarter-final in the Inter Totally Cup, Michael Cox takes on Carl Anka.


• PART 1a: Rafa Honigstein on the return of the Bundesliga (01m 00s)
• PART 1b: Steve Price on the return of the K-League (08m 30s) 
• PART 1c: Ads with the lads (12m 30s) • PART 2: Michael Cox v Carl Anka in the Inter Totally Cup – part 1 (19m 00s)• PART 3: 99/00 Champions League season review (27m 30s)
• PART 4: 99/00 Champions League – the final (42m 30s)
• PART 5: Michael Cox v Carl Anka in the Inter Totally Cup – part 2 (67m 00s)

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 2020-05-07  1h16m