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episode 310: Oeuvre - An Academic Introduction to our CHRISTOPHER NOLAN Series

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If you’re looking for a deep-dive academic analysis of a particularly popular filmmaker who is currently getting a lot of press as he fights the good fight to make sure his latest 200 million dollar science fiction epic makes it to IMAX screens in less than 2 months… then have we got a podcast for you!

Matt hosts the rare “solo pod” and inaugurates our newest Oeuvre series with a narratology lecture about Nolan’s unique and groundbreaking approach to temporal structure. Only the most inquisitive Nolanites need apply…

Oscar returns next week for an affectionate but critical breakdown of “The Dark Knight Trilogy” with an eye toward singling out what that film franchise is principally concerned with, from a thematic standpoint.

We're “TENET-ively” optimistic that we’ll be back in movie theaters to see Nolan’s latest in July so that we can podcast about anything and everything it means for Nolan’s Oeuvre.

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 2020-05-21  1h4m