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DHE #137 - Hillfolk RPG in Wretched World Part 10 - The Shootout

In the continuation of our saga, we find out Taegan is a psychopath. We deal with the aftermath of crashing a flying saucer after fighting a dragon. Then we have a major shootout after some disturbing happenings. Then we have a surprise visit from characters in the past.

hillfolkrpg #hillfolk #rpg #PelgranePress #wretched #wretchedworld #fantasy #western #roleplaying #nucking #nukcingaround #nuckingabout #dhe #discourseofhumanevents

Recorded: 3/3/19

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Intro and outro music provided by Brad Sucks under Creative Commons. Go listen to his music, it's awesome.

Intro clip provided by Joe Rogan Experience #935 from Robb Wolf.

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 2020-06-02  1h9m