Exploring digital spheres

Come with us on a journey into the realms of the digital: In the podcast Exploring digital spheres you will get to know HIIG researchers from diverse disciplines. We ask them, how our digital society works and what the future might look like. Every other episode, the researchers will enter into a dialogue with other digital mavericks!



episode 28: "CoRisk Index"

An economic indicator of industry-specific risk assessments related to Covid-19; In a collaborative project researchers from Oxford and Berlin developed an index as the first economic indicator of industry-specific risk assessments related to Covid-19, based on financial disclosures of US companies. The index can provide valuable real-time information about economic risks associated with the pandemic, and it has already been featured in Oxford University News, the Washington Post, and the Wirtschaftswoche. In today's special episode we welcome the data scientists Dr. Fabian Stephany and Dr. Fabian Braesemann from the University of Oxford. The two speak with HIIG Ph.D. student Bronwen Deacon about their recent work on the CoRisk-Index. We look forward to your feedback on the episode. Please feel free to provide comments and let us know whether you would like to hear more about Social Data Science research in the future.


 2020-06-02  17m