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OMRP - Chapter 125 - Back In Lash!

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and Lash LeRoux. Keeping with the timestamp format to explain what's in the podcast and when!  Here is what is in Chapter 125. Hope you enjoy it.

Matinee Moments (2:35):  Bill and Ted Face the Music Trailer. Money Plane Trailer.

Small Screen Sweeps (10:04): Veep,  HBO Max, Snowpiercer, Stargirl, The Wall and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Games For Greg (18:53): PS5 news, sorta, new Arcade 1Up machines and did I play Mario?

Concert Conchairto (21:20): Concerts? Haha, yeah right.

Sports Splashzone (23:27): Update on NHL plans to return, Update on NBA plans to return, MLB and MLBPA still arguing, plus the draft and will the NFL still start on time?

Fights For Money (30:25): UFC 250 results, UFC Fight Night Predictions, Fight Island is real and Cormier vs Miocic III. Plus Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.
Turnbuckle Time (35:23): NXT Takeover: In Your House review and news, AEW news, RAW and Smackdown news plus Smackdown and Backlash Predictions.

Drew's Diatribe (55:37): Drew talks about Ice Cream and makes his predictions for Smackdown and WWE Backlash!

All this and more, there was a lot to discuss, so sit back, relax and enjoy. Take a listen and don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcast or Stitcher and follow me @onemanrenegade on twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for listening and don't forget to check out the YouTube Channel! STAY SAFE!

OMRP - Chapter 125 - Back In Lash


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