Music business history, pop culture and current events as told through the lens of music, starring the fabulous *Jimi LaLumia* with *Susan Faber Gaide.*


episode 1: 1-Welcome To LaLumiNation

LaLumiNation, with hosts Jimi LaLumia and Susan Faber Gaide, delves into the lesser-known facts about music business history and pop culture, with an occasional infusion of current events as told through the lens of music. In this debut episode of LaLumination, Jimi LaLumia (of Jimi LaLumia & The Psychotic Frogs) talks about the early New York City punk scene, where clubs like Max's Kansas City were a nightly hangout for "anyone who wanted to be anyone" in the music industry and the industry's evolution through decades of change and digital transformation. -- Watch on YouTube & Subscribe! -- Like us! -- Follow us! -- Follow us!

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 June 15, 2020  26m