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episode 110: E. Lonergan and M. Blyth, "Angrynomics" (Agenda/Columbia UP, 2020)

How are we going to address inequality and put the economy on a sounder footing?

Today I talked to Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth about their new book Angrynomics (Agenda Publishing/Columbia University Press, 2020).

Lonergan is an economist and macro fund manager in London whose writings often appear in The Financial Times. Blyth is a political economist at Brown University who received his PhD in political science from Columbia University.

Topics covered in this episode include:

--An exploration of how the emotions of anger, fear and disgust animate both the long-term economic stresses in society and those brought on by the Covid-19 crisis.

--What the differences are between moral outrage versus tribal outrage.

--Descriptions of three, potentially viable and game-changing solutions, including among them a “data dividend” and the creation of national wealth funds like those in Norway and beyond.

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 2020-06-18  46m