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It was a weekend of quarter-final football, as well as Premier League action, where we possibly learnt more about the losers than the winners. Could declining Leicester miss out on the top 4 or even the top 6? Why is Grealish no longer a threat? And what does Tierney’s Tesco bag say about him as a player? Tom and Natalie give us the latest from France and Brazil where football will be starting up again too late and too early. Plus the excitement of watching Man United, massive insects and getting blocked by footballers on Twitter. RUNNING ORDER • PART 1: Leicester 0-1 Chelsea (04m 00s) • PART 2: Arsenal, Man Utd & Man City progress to the semi-finals (13m 00s)  • PART 3: On This Day – June 29th (29m 00s) • PART 4a: Aston Villa 0-1 Wolves & Watford 1-3 Southampton (33m 00s) • PART 4b: A look ahead to the midweek Premier League fixtures (39m 30s) • PART 4c: The state of play in France and Brazil (47m 00s) • PART 5: The odds with Lee Price from Paddy Power (52m 00s) • PART 6: The latest from the Championship (54m 00s) GET IN TOUCH: • follow us on Instagram ( • find us on Facebook ( • send us a tweet: @TheTotallyShow (   PARISH NOTICES: • we’re sponsored by Paddy Power - home of the Money Back Special (   READ STUFF ON OUR WEBSITE: • check out ( .

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 2020-06-29  59m