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Susceptible to a bit of flattery

It was a terrible week for Barcelona in La Liga as they lose ground and Messi loses respect. But everyone’s talking about those assists from Benzema and Cazorla.

It was a dramatic weekend of Bundesliga action as Hamburg somehow conspire to stay. In the second tier. Should have signed up Jurgen Klopp.

We also examine all the transfer action, including Barcelona’s Pjanic buy as Arthur joins Juve, with Hakimi set to sign for Inter.

Are Atalanta a team to be feared in the last 8 of the Champions League? And could they be Serie A winners next season?

Is there anything to talk about in French football? Yes, there are cup finals to be played, with actual fans in attendance?

And with Ribery shining once again, Robben comes out of retirement.


• PART 1: Headlines from around Europe (01m 00s)
• PART 2: Final day of the Bundesliga – Hamburg horror show as Bremen battle back (03m 30s) • PART 3: La Liga latest – Barca reach boiling point (16m 00s)
• PART 4: Transfer news and the latest from Serie A (29m 00s)
• PART 5: PSG try to get match-fit in France (40m 00s)
• PART 6: More of your questions and the return of Robben (48m 00s)

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 2020-06-30  58m