Monsters Conquer The World

Matt and Ralph dive into the fun and freaky world of monster movies, real-life (?) cryptids, world folklore, paranormal phenomena and more! Anything with killer kaiju, crazy creatures, and bitchin' beasts is fair game!


episode 3: Ghidrah: The Three-Headed Monster!

We take a look at the classic Ghidrah! What is this thing? A movie!? Ok! Matt has that good, deep knowledge. Ralph has a half-baked theory. Talking not limited to Hercules In New York, subs vs. dubs, A Goofy Movie, lots more. Don Knotts makes an unfortunate appearance. Get outta here, Knotts! Hmm... I thought he was dead.........

Oh, and are we excited for the new Godzilla!? Yes. We are.

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 2019-05-21  1h5m