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episode 94: An Email Account is Born

To show off the features of HEY, Basecamp's new email service, we needed a fully featured and realistic demo account. That meant writing dozens of fictional emails—a task that fell to Merissa of Basecamp's customer support team. She comes on Rework to talk about her epistolary opus.

Show Notes

HEY website | @heyhey on Twitter - 00:22

Team OMG - 1:39

Notes to self feature - 5:32

Clips feature - 5:35

Reply Later feature - 5:42

Screener feature - 5:51

Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant - 9:13

"'A Star Is Born' and the Enduring Appeal of 'I Just Wanted to Take Another Look At You'" (Film School Rejects) - 9:29


 2020-06-30  16m