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Life's a Pitch brings together bizarre, strange and ultimately un-makeable film ideas and pitches for your enjoyment! Every week our two hosts, Matt and Tom, are given a ridiculous film title to improvise a film plot out of. Will it be utter rubbish? Or will it the defining creative work of a generation? Only time will tell! Do you like the show? Want to help it continue to improve and evolve? Want to get extra content? Support us at:


Episode 282: My Left Ear Is A Portal To Hell

This week Matt & Tom are faced with pitching for a brand new genre: Paranormal Young Adult Dystopia It gets a little weird but they eventually break new ground, pitching the third in Ari Aster's strange and terrifying trilogy as a follow-up to Hereditary and Midsommar in which Rupert Grint is brought into the Hollywood spotlight, whether he likes it or not. We also pitched 'Dividing the Dead' in which Jack Black is a teen whose soul might get bought by a hypercapitalist society, In addition we get conceptual with 'The Night the Day Went Weird' in which signs in the sky drive the people of earth to start treating Daniel Radcliffe VERY differently, as an uncaring universe (Seth Rogen) looks on.