Another Berlin

Hello and welcome to Another Berlin. We are Katarina and Cody. We both moved to Berlin a few years ago and the whole idea for this podcast came from wanting to explore the history and culture of the adopted city we love. We want to better understand what makes this city unique and inspires so many to want to call it home. So we will be doing in-depth dives into the ideas and movements that shaped this city and its culture, in parallel with the mainstream.


episode 1: Squatting pt. 1 - The rise and fall of squatting in West Berlin

In this episode we start in the 1960s. Berlin was the center of a rising youth and protest culture and as the 70s began, a failed urban renewal policy stripped the city and provided the perfect environment for the start of what we consider to be the modern squatting movement in Berlin.

We trace the evolution of counter culture events, the rise of communal living, and the evolution of squatting as a political and social movement as it takes over and transforms the fabric of West Berlin in ways that remain to this day.


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\our favorite map - berlin-besetzt

\Great place to follow the events in many former squats- radar.squat


\ Marc Weiser  under the name Arurmukha, off the album ‎– 14·11·90 - Ein Akustisches Psychogramm (and at: where each song was created from field recordings recorded at the eviction of Mainzer strasse, which is pretty cool.

\One Man Symphony

and Cody’s experimental music.


 2020-07-07  35m