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Episode 18: Grace Lambert-Smith - DotWatcher, Audax riding and the Transcontinental

Grace joins us on this episode to talk about her background in audax, bikepacking and ultra-endurance cycling.

Grace discovered long distance riding through semi-supported audax events, eventually working her way up to complete the renowned Paris-Brest-Paris. Grace also competed in the Transcontinental bikepacking race back in 2017 during the scorching heatwave known as "Lucifer".

Grace is also the managing editor at DotWatcher, a platform dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of bikepacking and ultra-endurance bike races. The idea behind the site is a community driven platform collating information that tells the story of the race beyond what could be gleaned from simply watching the racer's "Dots" move across the map.

Honestly its an awesome idea thats growing momentum and has me really excited about the window it can provide into our sport. But the platform relies on us the community to contribute information, data and content to make it work. So lets gets behind it!

Grace's instagram: @thisisgrace_
Grace's twitter: @thisisgrace
DotWatcher instagram: @dotwatcher.cc
DotWatcher twitter: @dotwatcher
Website: www.dotwatcher.cc
Email: info@dotwatcher.cc

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 2020-07-12  1h14m