The Hideout Sessions

Ross Wakefield brings you a monthly podcast celebrating some of the absolute best in new music. From Hip Hop to House to Disco to Folk to Minimal Electronica, there's bound to be something you'll fall in love with...promise. Support the music and spread the word. x


episode 164: Hideout Sessions Ep.164's been a minute!

Sorry chaps. I've been right under the cosh, with trying to finish my own music, suddenly deciding to sell my house, all of the usual Dad duties etc, etc. However it's wonderful to be back, so enjoy the slightly tweaked format of 50/50 vinyl and brand new music. It's guaranteed to sooth the soul, so tell everyone to get subscribing.

Love you...Ross xx


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1. Joe Henderson 'No Me Esqueca' (Milestone)
2. Carlos Garnet 'Mother Of The Future' (Muse)
3. Bill Summers 'Brazilian Skies' (Prestige)
4. Benny Golson 'Alway Dancing To The Music' (Columbia)
5. Zulema 'Standing In The Back Row Of Your Heart' (RCA)
6. Donald Byrd 'Think Twice' (Blue Note)
7. Jaisun 'Keepin' It To Myself' (Jett Sett)
8. Barbara Roy and Ecstasy, Passion and Pain 'If You Want Me' (Roy B)
9. Gino Soccio 'Dance To Dance' (RFC)
10. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners 'Spread Love' (ABC)
11. Change 'Glow Of Love' (Warner)
12. Linda Clifford 'Build A Fire' (Capitol)
13. Wheel Up 'Virtruvian Man' (Tru Thoughts)
14. Alex Session 'Leftie' (Fomo)
15. Teymori, ft. Jace XI 'Running For You' (Darker Than Wax)
16. Marquis Hawkes 'Let's Go Way' (Aus)
17. Neraska 'Dip & Flip' (Heist)
18. Alkalino 'Let You Go' (Audaz)
19. Kink 'Bug' (Sofia)
20. OneOneOne 'Pipeline' (17 Steps)
21. Howling 'Bind' (Counter)
22. Four Tet 'Love Salad' (Text)
23. Jono McCleery 'A Little Out Of Reach' (Bandcamp)


 2020-07-20  2h4m