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How do scientists uncover phenomena and explain their connections? How do engineers design machines, methods and infrastructure? At omega tau, experts give detailed answers. Over the last ten years, we have produced over 350 episodes in which we dug deeper, until we ran out of questions. Join us on our journey through the world of science and engineering: the closer you look and listen, the more interesting things get.


episode 348: ATLAS Computing

Guests: Frank Berghaus   Host: Markus Voelter   Shownoter: Bastian Hundt

To conclude our detailed look at the ATLAS experiment, this episode looks at the computing infrastructure. We start out with the trigger systems that decide, very quickly, whether the data from a particular collision is worth keeping. We then discuss the reconstruction of the event, the simulation needed to understand the background as well as the LHC Grid used distribute data and computation over the whole planet. Our guest is CERN’n Frank Berghaus.

Introduction of Frank Berghaus 00:03:45

Frank Berghaus | omega tau about the History of ATLAS | omega tau about Science at ATLAS | CERN | The Atlas Experiment | LHC

Basic Structure of LHC/Atlas and the Computing Infrastructure 00:05:25

Particle Physics | Particle Accelerator | Particle Detector | Beamline | Magnetig Field | Calorimeter | Atlas Calorimeter | Energy | Muon | Analog to Digital Converter | Particle Collision | Atlas-Trigger | In-Memory-Cache | Resistive Plate Chambers | Photomultiplier Tube

Terminology 00:17:05

Reconstruction / Reduction | Data Processing | Online vs. Offline | Cern Datacenter | Bias

After Event-Trigger Data Processing 00:23:10

Electron Shower | Network Switch | Cryostat | Round-Robin Schedueling | Distributed Storage | Event Horizon Telescope

Data Processing after Storage of Events 00:42:45

Particle Jets | Momentum | Abstraction

Jet Reconstruction 00:51:25

Topological Clustering | Cone Algorithm

Processing and Reprocessing / CERN Computing Infrastructure 01:03:55

Luminosity | High Luminosity LHC | Vertex Detector

LHC Computing Grid 01:12:40

Worldwide LHC Computing Grid

Analysis of Events and Computing Infrastructure 01:24:05

Simulation | Field Theory | Differential Equations | Photon | ROOT Particle Physics Software | Machine Learning | GPU | Multithreading | Supercomputer

Data Organization and End 02:00:25

Relational Database | Namespace | Tape Storage | Cloud Computing | Distributed Computing | Standard Model

CERN File System 02:18:45

CVMFS | Docker


 2020-07-27  2h46m