AMX Comedy

A Comedic Podcast about the experiences of a first generation American Mexican


episode 3: Welcome to AMX Comedy

What is AMX Comedy and what is the point of the podcast? AMX Comedy is podcast focused on the American experience through the eyes of a first generation American Latina.  This podcast was started to share these experiences and stories in a humorous way for everyone to enjoy.  This is a crass, politically incorrect, down-to-earth perspective on what it is like being a 1st generation Latina of mixed Mexican-Latin American decent.  AMX whimsically and satirically shares experiences of what it has been like growing up in America as the child of a immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador.  Like life, this podcast is unfiltered and if you are easily offended turn away now.  This episode introduces listeners to our host, Malcreada, and briefly discusses what this podcast represents and what it hopes to accomplish, Welcome to AMX.

¿Qué es AMX Comedy y qué es el punto del Podcast? AMX Comedy Podcast presenta una cruda, políticamente incorrecta, humilde, y humorística perspectiva de lo que es ser una primera generación Americana de decentencia Mexicana y Latinoamericano en los Estados Unidos.  AMX comparte caprichosamente y satíricamente experiencias de lo que ha sido crecer en Estados Unidos como hijo de inmigrantes de México y El Salvador. Al igual que la vida, este podcast no se filtra y si te ofendes fácilmente aléjate ahora. Este episodio presenta a los oyentes a nuestro presentadora, Malcreada, y brevemente discute lo que este podcast representa y lo que espera lograr, Bienvenido a AMX.

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 2020-06-28  10m