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A podcast about video games. What a novel idea. Dave Ryan & Mark Robinson bring you the latest in video game news, and take a little time every week to have a look back at an important game from the past.


Link to the Cast #173: Revolvemark "Shalashaska" Robcelot

Greetings one and all, we've got a densely packed show this week with fun and tangents, video games and tangents, X-Men and tangents and tangents. 0:30 - Opening riffs on the weather, airports, Flight Simulator and Jack’s name 12:45 - Movie chat 20:15 - Dave’s X-Men movie rewatch project 39:23 - Mark covers a little of Fall Guys and a lot of Cross Code 52:47 - Jack’s back on the Pokemon Go bandwagon 56:54 - Dave’s extensive impressions on Ghost of Tsushima 1:19:10 - We do a deep dive on all the video game news Like, listen, share and subscribe, we appreciate any love from you fine people. We are available on most podcast platforms, just search ‘Link to The Cast’. iTunes: Spotify: Soundcloud: Stitcher: YouTube: If you wanna contact us for our mailbag, or just to say hi, or if you just want to keep up to date on our content as it’s posted, check out the following: @linktothecast on Twitter (the lads are @thedaytodave / @lithiumproject / @jacklayzell ) Make sure to stay subscribed to this feed for our occasional non-gaming shows: The Grap Up- a once in a while pro wrestling podcast with Dave, Mark, and often Jack and Barry Murphy ( @TheBarrylad on Twitter)


 2020-08-04  1h58m