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episode 232: Chonky Motherboards

MEP EP#232: Chonky Motherboards

  • The Cat Feeder Unreminder
    • Different implementations to accomplish the goal
  • Synth DSP replacement
    • Korg MS2000
    • Was pulling an additional 500mA on the power supply
    • Found a blown surface mount fuse
    • The DSP chip XCB56362PV100 was hot to touch
      • Replaced with part found on ebay
      • Wasn’t sure if this part needed programming
  • LED Matrix Driver - IS31FL3741
    • 39x9 LED matrix = 351 individual color leds or 117 RGBs
    • QFN-24 package
    • 256 levels of PWM control and 256 levels of DC current control
    • Layout vs code
  • Brew Day Updates!


 2020-07-09  51m