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episode 231: Throw The Bacon Across The Stage

MEP EP#231: Throw The Bacon Across The Stage
Danny Rankin

  • An instructor in the creative technologies and design program at the University of Colorado Boulder

  • The courses he teaches and his individual research reflect a diverse array of expertise, including graphic design, material fabrication, game design, hardware hacking, sustainable agriculture and large-scale installation art

  • Danny was a guest on MEP episode #171: Mayonnaise Drone (And Other War Crimes)

  • Danny’s experience with teaching during COVID-19

    • What the end of the semester looked like

    • What is happening now?

      • Summer

    • What does next semester look like

      • How will it be the same?

      • How will it differ?

    • Technology

      • What happens when your education requires technology that is only on campus?

      • The lab

    • What does it look like in the future?

    • Do you expect it will go back to “normal”?

  • Dinosaur Costume Racing


 2020-07-02  45m