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episode 234: Bashing LEDs

MEP EP#234: Bashing LEDs

  • Didn’t get to work on the Cat Feeder Unreminder but there are lots of interest and ideas in our slack channel!
    • TheStumbler
      • Found a 12hr egg timer. Defeats the purpose of building and learning a new embedded skill.
    • Eric McFall
      • E-Ink for the persistent display.
      • This is a great idea. I will look through my parts bins for a e-ink. Might have one.
    • Derek
      • Does it count as feature creep if the project is still doing the same thing but is way more complicated?
    • Tony W
      • Jack in the box
    • DJ
      • Has been working with Flip Dot displays. Kinda power hungry in short bursts. 4A for only 5ms.
    • Bombledmonk
      • Go solar
      • Sanyo / Panasonic has panels for indoor lighting
  • Snap dome buttons
    • Interesting requirements for footprints. Not sure how to do it.
    • Snaptron BL-series
    • 0.07 or 0.01” hole for LED - not a whole lot…
  • One week product


 2020-07-22  44m