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episode 51: Basset and Basenji with David Kelley

In this episode, Jacob Schreiber interviews David Kelley about machine learning models that can yield insight into the consequences of mutations on the genome. They begin their discussion by talking about Calico Labs, and then delve into a series of papers that David has written about using models, named Basset and Basenji, that connect genome sequence to functional activity and so can be used to quantify the effect of any mutation.


  • Calico Labs
  • Basset: Learning the regulatory code of the accessible genome with deep convolutional neural networks (David R. Kelley, Jasper Snoek, and John Rinn)
  • Sequential regulatory activity prediction across chromosomes with convolutional neural networks (David R. Kelley, Yakir A. Reshef, Maxwell Bileschi, David Belanger, Cory Y. McLean, and Jaspar Snoek)
  • Cross-species regulatory sequence activity prediction (David R. Kelley)
  • Basenji GitHub Repo


 2020-10-07  1h13m